The data gathered as part of our quality control testing is extremely useful for assessing the extent to which our cold strip products conform with industry standards and/or customer specifications, as well as for analyzing process stability. However, we have found it is increasingly important that customers have more detailed knowledge of our products’ material behavior when designing their own components and processes.

In response, the BILSTEIN GROUP is working with respected universities and institutes to offer the following data for select materials:

Data for forming and crash simulations:

  • Flow curves from tensile tests (L, Q, D)
  • Flow curves at higher deformation degrees
  • Forming limit curves

Case-hardened, tempered and spring steels

  • Time-temperature-transformation (TTT) diagrams (isothermal and continuously)
  • Austenitizing behavior
  • Tempering behavior

General physical properties:

  • Thermal expansion coefficient
  • Specific heat capacity
  • Temperature conductivity
  • Thermal conductivity