Mild steel grades with special electromagnetic properties / supermod© and ultramod©

Electromobility will continue to be a megatrend for decades to come as we seek to realize the vision of electric cars that efficiently offer comparable or even lower costs, energy use and CO₂ emissions than today’s combustion engines.

Manufacturers are under high pressure to come up with diverse – albeit temporary – hybrid solutions and to bring them to market quickly and economically.

Within this context, suppliers require new components and applications with electromagnetic properties and functions. These are a key part of ensuring that the hybrid technology is flexible and exonomical enough to act as a useful temporary solution until fully electric transportation is possible.

Electromagnetic components do not always call tor the use of high-alloy electrical steel strip. High-alloy electrical steel strip offers a range of metallurgical features as standard (and included in the cost), that in some cases may not be required for the application.

In these cases, we can supply unalloyed steel strip with electromagnetic properties fulfilling all requirements.

Application area
  • stator sheet metal
  • Magnet bushings
Thickness* 0.5 mm (0.0197 inch) – 5.0 mm (0.197 inch)
Width* Mill edge: up to 1.350 mm (53.15 inch)

Cut edge: 15 mm (0.59 inch) up to 1.320 mm (51.97 inch)

Delivery format coil
Coil weight max. 23 kg/mm of width → max. 2 lbs/inch of width

*Grade and cross section depending