The BILSTEIN principle: committed to precision

BILSTEIN uses intelligent manufacturing processes to reproduce high-performance cold-rolled metal strips with the greatest accuracy, leaving nothing to chance. In fact, our sophisticated, computer-controlled manufacturing systems produce kilometers of cold-rolled goods at a variety of BILSTEIN GROUP sites every single day. At BILSTEIN, every step of the production chain is carefully planned and closely monitored, minimizing margin for error – we pride ourselves on working to this zero-defect principle, what we like to call “the BILSTEIN principle”. Our sophisticated, efficient and highly reliable processes form the basis for our exceptional cold-rolled steel products.

BILSTEIN GROUP companies continually invest in production. We regularly train our employees and update our machinery to ensure the highest possible levels of productivity and quality. Cutting-edge measurement and data collection technology mean every stage of the production process is carried out with the utmost precision, from receipt of the raw materials to shipment of the completed coils.